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Service Leadership Programs (SLP)
(Sponsored Youth)
Lt. Governors

2012-2013 CNH Key Club Lt. Governor Brent DeMayo (Livingston H. S.)
(C) 209 620 0543 (E-Mail)

2011-2012 CNH KIWIN’S Sapphire Division Lt. Governor Victor Baeza (Merced High)
(H) 209-489-2801  E-mail:

Key Club Regional Advisor Division 46, Frank Vierra
P.O. Box 542, Livingston, CA. 95334 … (C) 209 769 9368 (B) 209 394 2922

Kiwanis Division 46 KIWINS Advisor, Sheila Seller
(C) 209 777 9793 (H) 209 722 9621  E-Mail:

  Kiwanis Division 46 KIWIN’S Advisor, John Carlos

      (H) 209 383 1494 (C) 209 756 4014 (E-mail)


KIWINS Faculty Advisor:  Janice Rogge

(H) 564 6284 (E-mail)  or



Kiwanis Family High School Youth Organizations

Key Club:

KEY signifying Kiwanis Educational Youth, sometimes defined as Kiwanis Educating Youth.  


This is also a high school service organization originally organized for females and known as Keywanettes.
At the 1995 Keywanettes convention, the delegates voted to change the group’s name to KIWIN’S because by then their
organization was comprised of both young men and women. Unlike K-E-Y, the name KIWIN is derived from an Indian
word just as KIWANIS is derived from an Indian dialect meaning “to serve”, “to have a good time”.
The pledge of the KIWIN’S is the same as the KEY Club’s pledge.
Their Pledge: I pledge on my honor to uphold the objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community;
to serve my nation and god; and to combat all forces, which tend to undermine these institutions.

 The clubs in Division 46 previously referred to as Key Clubs are now officially named CNH Key Club of Key Club International
(California-Nevada-Hawaii Key Club of Key Club International).
The CNH Key Clubs have Divisions that parallel the Kiwanis Division, so there is a CNH Key Club Lt. Governor from Division 46.
The Key Club Lt. Governor is from the Beyer High School Club. The KIWIN’S is a district within Key Club International and is therefore a Key Club.
They have separate District conventions, but both are part of the Key Club International Convention. The CNH KIWIN’S are a much smaller organization.
Hence the KIWIN’S Divisions overlap several Kiwanis Divisions and are named for a gem.
The Merced High School KIWIN’S are in the Sapphire Division, which is in Kiwanis Divisions 7, 27, 44, and 46.
The Sapphire Division includes Merced High School KIWIN’S, Manteca High School KIWIN’S, and East Union High School KIWIN’S (located in Manteca).

The Merced High School KIWIN’S are now one of the largest and most active clubs in all of KIWIN’S (117 members).

The Sapphire Lt. Governor is from the Merced club.

Service Leadership Programs

Important Contact Information

District Office
8360 Red Oak Street #201
Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91730

Director, Service Leadership Programs
Bruce Hennings
Phone: (877) 597 1770 ext 105
Fax: (510) 550 2811

Circle K                                                                       AKTION Club

Camille Goulet                                                                                  Howard Jackson
1102 Promenade Ave.                                                                     6480 N Ferger
Placentia, CA. 92870                                                                        Fresno, CA. 93704
(C) (714) 721 6457                                                                             (B) (559) 225 9236                                                                  

Key Club                                                                      KIWINS

Lisa Lotito-Byers                                                                             Margo Dutton
23411 Summerfield #24D                                                               2708 Foothill Blvd. #306
Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656                                                                    La Crescenta, CA. 91214
(H) (949) 362 9408                                                                             (B) (818) 677 3173                                                               (H) (818) 541 0449

Builders Club                                                            K-Kids

Brendan Hendrick                                                   Jeff Ott

191 Brentwood Ave.                                                                        1811 Sunset Cliffs Blvd #A

Ventura, CA. 93003                                                                                     San Diego, CA. 92107

(H) (805) 642 8661                                                                             (B) (619) 223 6880                                                                   (H) (619) 295 7020



                       Service Leadership Programs

                                 Kiwanis Club Advisors


Atwater-Winton:                                 Castle-Atwater:

Livingston H.S. Key Club                         K-Kids

Frank Vierra Kiwanis Club Advisor                      Don M. Oshima Kiwanis Club Advisor

                                                Atwater H.S. Key Club

                                                    Thomas Innerbichler Kiwanis Club Advisor

                                           Buhach Colony H.S. Key Club

                                              Stephanie Rivero Kiwanis Club Advisor


Merced:                                                Modesto:

Merced H. S. KIWINS                             Modesto H.S. Key Club

Larry Mercando Kiwanis Club Advisor              

Melissa Mercando Kiwanis Club Advisor                   Beyer H. S. Key Club



Greater Merced:                                

Golden Valley H.S. Key Club                    Downey H.S. Key Club

Ellen Taylor Kiwanis Club Advisor                    

Merced H.S. Key Club                             Johansen H.S. Key Club

Micky Lenahan Kiwanis Club Advisor               



Greater Sonora:                                  Groveland:

Greater Sonora AKTION Club                  Tenaya Builders Club

Al Smith Kiwanis Club Advisor                        Hank Medina Kiwanis Club Advisor

Jim Brown Kiwanis Club Advisor                      Al Smith Kiwanis Club Advisor

Dorothy Brown Kiwanis Club Advisor


Curtis Creek Builders Club

Al Smith Kiwanis Club Advisor                        


Greater Turlock:

Denair H.S. Key Club

Norma Harvickson Kiwanis Club Advisor



North Modesto:                                 

Central Catholic H.S.

Christina Stokman Kiwanis Club Advisor

Enoch High School

Brent Burnside  Kiwanis Club Advisor 


Turlock H.S. Key Club

Warren Riopel Kiwanis Club Advisor

Verna Riopel Kiwanis Club Advisor


Pitman H.S. Key Club

Burt Gilpin Kiwanis Club Advisor


Turlock Jr. High Builder’s Club

Bev Espindula Kiwanis Club Advisor


Dutcher Builder’s Club

Ed Wheeler Kiwanis Club Advisor


SLP Turlock Club Chairman

Ed Wheeler

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Paul Hearst   (209) 527-3484